Reviews for "DMT:How to read music/tab"


The graphics do not need to be good in something this informative. I do not have the first clue on how to read sheet music although I wanted to learn. Definately saving this to my favorites as it will help me big time.

Once again very good submission.

Darkmaster603 responds:

Thanks, I do hope you can find use in this tutorial!


me been playing for 11 years and it helped me

Darkmaster603 responds:

Wow, I'm glad it helped!


the basics of reading sheetpaper, though still too simple i think
but well, its difficult to explain everything in 1 flash. if you plan to make any sequels, you may indeed go with more details or with different subjects etc.
if so, i would give you a 10 ;)
oh yeh, the graphics are nice

the B# etc does exist under certain circumstances, it depends on which music scale youre playing (one with lots of # for instance) or when the componist uses a certain modulation. (sorry, cant give you the exact music scale, i dont have a piano at my room, its at home)

i agree with the review below, some interactive things would improve very much: people tend to remember things better when theyve really done something, not by reading.

anyway, a nice try!
hope you make more, making more people to understand music (kind of)

Darkmaster603 responds:

Thanks! I didn't really want to go over anyone's head with this, but maybe it was too simple. This is the only "basic" tutorial in the line, the rest are pretty in depth. I have a lot of interactivity planned, so hopefully you like the next ones better!

Thanks for the review and information!


no spamming or anything, and it stayed true to the titles and stuff. and it also is extremely useful considering im trying to learn how to play piano so that did help.

Darkmaster603 responds:

I'm glad it can be of use to you!

It was decent,

Tutorials get an automatic pass because they teach people things, however, there is so much room for improvement and functionality. Having a keyboard and notes to play, a hands on tutourial beats up a text.

People don't like to read, they like to play. Keep it in mind for next time and I and everyone else who needs hands on learning will thank you.

Still gold, 5/5

Darkmaster603 responds:

Thanks. I promise, the next one will be better. I didn't spend nearly as much time as I wanted to on this, but the next one has a lot more functionality.

Thanks for the suggestions and review!