Reviews for "DMT:How to read music/tab"


Thanks for the info on Tab. I play guitar, and learned piano as a kid, but always wondered what tab was for. I didn't go through the whole thing, but noticed you misspelled "consecutive" in the early pages of the learning sheet music part. Thanks for helping all the guitar heroes out there take it to the real world.

Oh, your logo at the front end is a little slooooooooooow. Read it. Got it. Thanks. Maybe just put it on your menu screen.

Darkmaster603 responds:

OH jeez, thanks for telling me about the typo!

I made the logo a bit more interesting, and to me it seems like to goes by a lot faster. But I think I'll add a skip button.

Thanks for the review and report!

Very Simple

Very simple, neat and proper. While informative I couldn't help but hate the music being looped. You also have a problem with a menu button in the tab section, where it should say continue, it says menu. Good job overall!

Darkmaster603 responds:

I hate the music too, but it was the only thing I have made that ind of fits the feeling lol.

thanks for the report


As someone who's fairly new to reading music/playing an instrument, I found this app to be very useful. The layout was clean and everything was easy to understand. Very cool.

Darkmaster603 responds:

Thanks, glad you can find use out of this!

Helpful for people that dont know

I already knew how to read music so I just read through to see what you said and its simple enough for someone who hasn't ever read music to understand without over complicating thier minds.

You need to make another one of these about time signatures and beats and different musical signs like cresendos and decresendos. So that people that read this part can continue.

Darkmaster603 responds:

Right, I planned on doing that in another tutorial. This was simply a tutorial on how to READ sheet music. If I taught them how to read the time signature, they would have to be taught the lengths of notes.

Thanks for the tip and review!


dear darkmaestro, this made me understand that music much more.
i havent really looked it over well because my leg is bleeding pretty much but i do know the basics now.
i guess i will learn all of it when i have more time.


Darkmaster603 responds:

I'm glad it helped, and I hope you attend to your leg if it's really bleeding lol

thanks for the review