Reviews for "DMT:How to read music/tab"


But why doesn't the tab section cover anything beyond just which fret to play? There's various pretty standard notations for things like harmonics and bends, and someone who looked at your tutorial would have to figure out what those meant on their own.

Darkmaster603 responds:

Yea, I should have added more, but I'm doing a huge tab tutorial and it covers everything/.

very nice!

I never heard the "grizzly bears don't fly airplanes" anogram...I always use "good boys do fine, always"...of course I don't use that anymore since I play clarinet lol
it's nicely done for any non-musician to use
0/10 5/5

Darkmaster603 responds:


That was very good!!!

That was good. I learnt piano for 9 years, but for those of us who are drummers, Drum tabs are completely different than that.
You should cover them too, i'll help you with that if you want :)

pretty good animations, though!

Great job =)

Darkmaster603 responds:

That'd be great, I have no idea how to tab out drums (or write in sheet music). That won't be for a few more lessons though.

Thanks for the review!

I thought it was pretty ok

There were some errors like when you stopped the music you couldn't start it again and also once you went onto the tab section and his back, it wouldn't go back properly (you would have to hit the button a few times). Also during the tab section it no longer said "continue." It said "menu" but it still continued throughout the lesson.

Now the lessons themselves were pretty basic. I'm a guitar player so all I read are tabs. What's cool is how you actually did treble and bass mnemonic devices which was awesome (normally people said the "every good boy does fine" technique).

What I was really hoping for was the transition from sheet music to tabs; it's something I've been dying to learn but I never found any good online lessons at all.

Anyways congrats on your feature.

Darkmaster603 responds:

I meant to add it into this one, but that's actually going to be on the next tutorial. Just check ack soon and you'll be satisfied ;)

good info, but lacking design

here's a small critique:

the animation is very informative and the topic is great, but what you are lacking is better design in both your user interface and your text/illustrations. this can keep your animation looking more classy and less like a powerpoint presentation.

the placement a lot of the text is inconsistant from frame to frame, plus it is the same boring user console font type seen every. you may able to use most stylish fonts as headings to juice up your typigraphical design.

another thing the quality of your imported pictures. some of them are pixelated (bass clef) or have the "standard, boring" white background. get rid of those, nothing screams pulled off the internet more than poor resolution and a badly cropped jpeg.

a finally, the greatest thing about flash is that it is fun, that means user-interactivity. maybe adding buttons that play pitches, "click to learn more" submenus, or a section where you can make your own sheet music. just "continue" and "back" buttons are maybe a little too bland.

the animation for revealing the first menu is awesome, and i'd like to see more of that with every slide.

all and all a good presentation and i can't wait to see what you make next


Darkmaster603 responds:

Hmm, great suggestion, I may implement some of those on my next tutorial!

Thanks for the criticism and review!