Reviews for "The Factory!"


It's a good game but, in my opinion, you should have used the left and right arrows for the controls of the paddle.

pier-guillen responds:

I think it's easier to use the mouse, but next time I'll let the player decide that. Thanks!

cool idea for a game

great for kids, got frustrating after a bit though. The music stopped playing about 6 levels into the game

pier-guillen responds:

Not sure what happened with the music, but thanks for the bug report!


Not too shabby, gameplay was okay. Controls were a bit confusing with the # keys: it was like having the text "blue" in an orange font. I think it would've been better to just assign 2 to 2, 3 to 3, and so on to avoid the number-association confusion. Even assigning the #s to letters (2 to a, 3 to s,...) would've been better. Also, the game needs power ups--super size/tiny gears, divide any number, super large paddle, etc.

good but...

Great idea, looks great, nice music..... my one issue is that the mouse easily moves off screen, so in the later levels suddenly moving can cause you to lose a chunk of your energy due to dropping gears..... it happened to me quite a bit anyway

Pretty good.

It was fun. But i hate school. lol :p