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Reviews for "The Factory!"

I love it !!!

This game is just awesome !

pier-guillen responds:

Thanks for the 10!

paddleball=nono this=yesyes

this beats the classic game of paddle ball im not a nerd but it accually has numbers in it WOW it mathamatical'ish

pier-guillen responds:

"WOW it mathamatical'ish"
Another great quote :).

And thanks for the 10!

This is great

This is really fun, addictive and I can play it for ages , and unlike a lot of these type of games it gets confusing and difficult further in, I think you did a great job making this game.

Only a few problems, as far as I can see.

A big issue with me, at least, was that I would of done a lot better (yes, I said it) if the mouse wasn't such a big problem. See, I would be bouncing off gears, and suddenly it would stop moving: its because my mouse for some reason got off the screen, so the platform pauses, the gears keep falling, I lose points and my mojo is off, so to speak. I would recommend you find a way to prevent something like that from happining, because it made the game frusterating at times: at the very least you could have the game pause if the mouse goes off the screen.

Other than that, its a clever game.



Woah! But hard. Black gears can be really annoying!