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Reviews for "The Factory!"


The game has a good concept, although it is very repedative. The idea of changing the Paddle to suit the specific number is good it's just the game needs something more.
6/10 For a good concept.

pier-guillen responds:

Well, it was meant to be simple, that's why it might get repetitive; but I'll try to have more variety on my next games.

Thanks for the review!

Nice game, smooth and well made,

but in the end I was just bouncing some gears around. There was no real pay off or goal to work towards.

"I didnĀ“t like it"

When I passed to the level 3 I was so bored it was very bad


but a lil laggy for me, nd repetitive

Combos are waaayy too hard

Its fun, and I can stand playing it when waiting on something...or when Im bored, but the way the gears block eachother annoys me to no end. Shouldnt they fly by eachother to make juggling easier for the player? The dividing idea was alright to me: it adds challenge to a simple concept.