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Reviews for "The Factory!"


There was a pop when the music track started over. I liked the higher levels much more. :=)

pier-guillen responds:

Yeah, I couldn't make it loop perfectly. I don't like it, but after several attempts that was the best I could do.

And thanks for the comment!


Neat game, and new take on the old paddle ball game.

pier-guillen responds:



Graphics wern't to bad. But definately could have been better.

Sound- Got old really quick. Maybe add some more tracks?

Gameplay- This is where the game shines. It's easy to learn and it gets progressively more difficult.

All in all a very soilid game without any real major debilitating flaws.

pier-guillen responds:

Thanks for the review!

Fun, attractive, Stylish, and original.

The graphics were nice and sleek looking, and the art was really well drawn. The music and audio in general were ok, though I found the sound effects to get a little annoying after a while, but the quality of the sound was perfect. I applaud you for the overall concept, which was very, very original. Overall, I think this is a very good game that deserves a try. Good job, and I hope to see more from you.

very awesome game...

The controls are great. physics work fantastically, my only complaint is that after you factor a gear all the way to zero, you still have to fumble around with it... the empty gears were the main reason I died... isn't it enough of a challenge to have to think fast mathematically, while switching through the numbers, and juggling the gears while they continuously fall...? I feel like the empty gears should just fall to the background or something without interfering with the paddle, or gears with numbers still on them.