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Reviews for "Pillars"

Don't flatter yourself

Basically an Atari game with 3D graphics. A recommendation: give a bonus for going through the small gaps in the walls. Often times there will be an obstacle coming at you with a small opening you can fly through, but at the same time there is a larger opening around the edges and it would give the player an incentive to take the harder, more dangerous route if you got bonus points.

Also, I don't know why you called it "an emotional flight" in the description. Don't flatter yourself pretending this is high art

Not that great.

I didn't feel as though the ship itself was responsive enough. It moved too slowly to really dodge anything once the cube was close enough to tell you needed to dodge it. There should also be some sort of boost button because it sorta moves slow and boring at times. In addition, sometimes I would look really close to a cube and it wouldn't take any damage, but then other times I would look clear of a cube and it would crash the wing into it. I sorta feel like you need more here than just dodging obscurely animated cubes, like something to shoot or at least rings to fly through or something like that, especially seeing how you clearly copied the style from StarFox anyway.

It's fun...

It's good, but there are clipping issues. It looks like the hitboxes are messed up. Some times the wings hit, but nothing happens.

Very good game.

The title explains this game perfectly, you dodge pillars some random person decided to build. I must say that the ship looks like the one from starfox. Very good 3d drawing as well. Though it gets boring having to dodge every second your alive. Other than that very good. 9/10


Very addictive and at times infuriating. Similar to Cube field