Reviews for "The Unfinished Pile"

fun animations

8/10 for being an incomplete set of animations but nevertheless they will all make 10's on my list when you flesh them out. most people have been posting incomplete movies with no sound or anything and its been upsetting since it all got boring quick, good work!

Imacow responds:

Thanks alot

Great style!

I really liked your style! It was well done and creative. I'm definitely going to go check out your other work now. I hope to see more from you!

Imacow responds:

Thanks a lot man.

Potential it is!

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Great job. I really enjoyed your style here. Great art work and graphics and pretty smooth animation all around. I think you have a lot of talent and I should check out more of your flashes sometime.

~ Story/Concept ~

I also have a lot of unfinished stuff that I could throw together in a flash submission and submit, but I wouldn't be proud of my stuff. :P It's unfinished for a reason. Now your stuff though.. if you had a writer or someone to make a story/plot for you I think you could go a long way. Perhaps even to the point that you were one of the top artists on newgrounds.

Need a writer I've written for quite a bit of stuff before so you can always send me a PM.

I do like the idea of a flash submission showcasing unfinished stuff though. Great pieces all around.

~ Audio ~

Ha, quite a comical song in my opinion. Went almost perfect with your animations. Good job with the choice here.

~ Overall ~

Remember if you ever need a writer I'd be more than happy to do it. You have a lot of talent and this was a good pile of unfinished work.

~ Review Request Club ~

Imacow responds:

Hey thanks a lot, I'll hit you up some time if I need a writer.

Not bad

This piece is full of potential and some of the parts, I'd love to see you take further - you just need some sort of impetus to push on with these things. If you could find a writer to come up with some good scripts for you, then this would probably give you the drive you need to take this forward.

When the piece got around to 'Warcows' (I'd personally have called it Cows of War, but there you go), I'd have stopped the music, as that made the piece a little busy, with the sound effects of the gunfire and the music clashing. The other piece of musical editing would have been to stop the music when the flash finishes.

I'm looking forward to seeing how some of your pieces work out - I'd love to see the experimental cow get some more airtime, as this was the best part of the piece in my opinion.

[Review Request Club]

Imacow responds:

Thanks, I was a little concerned about the gunshots and the music clashing. It was originally so loud that you couldn't hear the song. I lowed it and I thought it sounded much better.

Cows of War is probably a better name if I ever get around to finishing/remaking it.

I'll be sure to look into finishing the experimental part in the future.