Reviews for "The Unfinished Pile"

Great style!

I really liked your style! It was well done and creative. I'm definitely going to go check out your other work now. I hope to see more from you!

Imacow responds:

Thanks a lot man.

You show great skill in animation.

The animation technique you use is fascinating, I enjoyed most of the pieces you included on here. I thought the song matched the overall theme and mood that the animation reflected, it was very relaxing. My favorite part was when the cow was orbiting the moon, I was mesmerized by that scene.

I understand that this was similar to a demo reel, but I just felt that the Madness piece you included really didn't fit amongst the other sections. The animation was choppy and it seemed inferior to the tone the other parts conveyed. Besides that, I found this to be quite amusing.

Who doesn't enjoy cows? I love cows, and I praise you for including a bundle of them in your flash. It was calm and peaceful, just the way I like it. Anyway, keep up the great work!

Imacow responds:

Thanks, my Madness part really didn't fit with the others but I wanted to include it anyways.


Wow, I really enjoyed this.

The song and the flashes put together kinda' created a magical ambience or something. The only problem was that the animation was mediocre, but otherwise great video!

Imacow responds:

Lol, thanks?

fun animations

8/10 for being an incomplete set of animations but nevertheless they will all make 10's on my list when you flesh them out. most people have been posting incomplete movies with no sound or anything and its been upsetting since it all got boring quick, good work!

Imacow responds:

Thanks alot