Reviews for "Pizza Jockeys Episode II"


did i say awesome?

Awesome Job.. and now i want pizza.

Been waiting a while for this! Great Drawings, Animation, Audio, Plot.. Even got a couple of laughs from me :D My only complaint is your preview picture for your movie kind of gave away the suprise half way through the flash, Id've thought you wanted that to be more shocking and unexpected?

Original Quality

I feel pretty much the same as eddsworld.
The animations, story, drawings; Its amazing!
You really show what your good for, and keep it up!
You guys make Newgrounds a better place to be!

(btw: im a fan of eddsworld) :p

sacre blue!

je ne can wait pas pour le suivant episode.

oui oui tres bon!

And I'm not even French, I'm that stoked.
(It takes a lot for me to write something complimenting in French.)

Pretty Funny

It's unusual to see this sort of humor on Newgrounds, and by that I mean well-scripted humor instead of off the wall chaotic zannyness. However with that sort of humor you need flushed out well rounded character and these seemed a bit flat. Top notch animations with a bit of a old early sat morning cartoon feel. Overall I like it. Good Job.