Reviews for "Pizza Jockeys Episode II"

A swell conclusion.

This was a great conclusion for one hell of a 2-part series,the plot got a lot more juicy with the main boss showing up which by the way had one hilarous design having half of a face of pizza,the animation was just as good as the first episode but this episode was a lot funnier and had more to it by putting both episodes together made for one great series,excellent job.


Its getting better and I would recommend this to a friend......... ENOUGH SAID!!

Pretty Funny

It's unusual to see this sort of humor on Newgrounds, and by that I mean well-scripted humor instead of off the wall chaotic zannyness. However with that sort of humor you need flushed out well rounded character and these seemed a bit flat. Top notch animations with a bit of a old early sat morning cartoon feel. Overall I like it. Good Job.

Nice 1

Really Nice Animation I Personally Enjoyed This =3

well this is what i have to say

the animation is good no thought about it...
needs more good scripts -_- seriously