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Reviews for "Crunchball 3000"


This is one of the better sport games out there. Very original idea, and very customizable with your defensive/offensive strategy. Two things to work on...1. Make the ball blink or change colors when it is being run by either team, hard to see who has the ball sometimes. 2. Please make this multiplayer!!!! It would be very fun!

Pretty good for what it is

If I liked Madden-type games maybe I'd like this more, but for me it is just boring and doing the same thing over and over.


The title says it all great game dude!

Customization FTW!

This game is so amazing. I love the customization for the teams. I'm still trying to get good at it, but it has a lot of stuff I can do. I can even name my team the Jizz Cowboys! I personally call my team members Jizz Cowboy 1 - 10.


Game was fun, deep and addictive.

Great job.