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Reviews for "Crunchball 3000"

Loved It As Soon As I Played

The graphics were superb, the sport itself was a good idea, and the Career mode was challenging, yet not impossbile.

Although it took a while to advance to Division 1, which did get a bit repetitive, i still enjoyed tackling the opposition and shooting a ball into their goal ( furthest was 91 yards )

I also loved the character uniqueness. The fact that you could change their names, their stats, and that they got better with training was amazing. This game surely is extra-ordanary. Even when i got bored with winning all the time, i took a risk and bought perfomance enchancing drugs, which completely rejuvinated my characters and made them 10 x better. When i tried it the second time, i got caught :) so it is pretty realistic as well.

Im surprised this isn't a real time sport, as im sure many people would have so much fun watching people barging into each other, as i did playing it

Keep up the great work 5/5



This game is awesome good graphics, and playability, this game will last you a long time.

Great game!!

I played for a long time!
It is a real good game.

Pretty good

It's well made. I would probobly like it more if I was into sports themed games. As it is, I think it's a pretty entertaining game. However, i think it would be nice if you could also be able to scroll backwards through formations.


By far my favorite game on NG. i signed up to favorite it.