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Reviews for "Crunchball 3000"


This game is good for novices and experts of gaming alike! The controls could be better. But overall you get a 10 out of 10 great game! This a real review.

Very Good

Excellent game. Feel like soccer meets american football with the frantic pacing of a hockey game. Some of the player names are especially creative.

My only complaint is the somewhat loose controls that do make the game a bit harder than it has to be (especially when attempted to tackle people).

But all in all a great game.

Really fun

I found this game really fun to play, it was challenging but not too difficult.

There was a few things though that could use fixing.

For one, the fact that tackle and shoot are the same button annoyed me as I'd be tackling a guy around my goal and get the ball without realizing it and score on myself.

Another was the goalie AI. It wasn't really that great. For example, at one point a guy was 1 on 1 with my goalie and my goalie runs out to him, but once he shoots, my goalie moves to the side.

Also training. It's pretty much useless and one should only buy equipment, as it has a guaranteed increase. On my championship team, I had none of the players that I started with because of the inability to get training gains.

Lastly is a glitch I discovered. At the end of the season you can transfer players and pick up some better players. Well, if you transfer a player you can go into your first game and then exit and when you continue career you can transfer players with an all new selection, and you still have the ones from the previous transfer.

All in all though, great game, keep up the good work!


Addictive as hell, entertaining and well executed. i'd only wish for more statistics for individual players - how many goals they made in the game, tackles, etc. you could then have MVPs and such. make a sequel! you could try doing a spin where you only controll one player or a sort of managerial twist to it. hmm...starting out as a player, growing in skill and after you finish playing you start your own team and try to get it to the top...


Great game. Not as good as football though lol