Reviews for "How the Swine Flu Started"


Im from NZ and i think its funny as bro.


awesome :)

New zealand party ruled.

I lol'd so fucking hard!

Holly shit that was fucking funny!
I liked the drawings and everything!
Great job!

Its just a joke!

Oh come on you guys!! Why do you have to be such jerks?!
I mean it's totally funny, a guy wearing a huge sombrero makes out with a pig then fucks it! Come on you guys seriously need to quote this clip even more and just agree with me, because I.. We are very intelligent.
Only one thing about this clip: you should have probably parodied Luis to get to the front page even faster, and also manage to camouflage how smart and meaningful this clip is.

Now excuse me I have to watch some more SNL, they know all there is to know about humor.


this is the most epic thing ever. fucking hilarious