Reviews for "How the Swine Flu Started"


That is how it started.
You are a genius!
Nice animation, sounds and art.
Great work.

wow dude!

from "killing spree" to those quality comedies! Especially loved the reactions part. You ve really changed a lot! the animations in those mindlessly violent stick series was awesome, tho.

Maybe gotta combine your talent at drawing and talent at animation eh? I know it s hard but... try anyway :)


listen to this im giving u a 10 because i had the exact same idea as u.. this is so wierd, i told my friends i was gonna make a mexican making out with a pig... anyways how did u come up with the idea because its so wierd and annoying im working on the same story, i dont think ill post it now or else u may think i stole the idea...

Loved it :D

This was really good Samus. I always look forward to seeing things from you. I used to watch killing spree when I was like 8 everyday, and spend all my time on Power-Fusion and then getting torn to pieces when the site was down or was under construction, or had to be renamed to fusion revolution because some faggot power company made you change the name. Good job!!!

I'm from NZ

And I found the end hillarious. Loving it!!