Reviews for "How the Swine Flu Started"

Sorry this was funny.
I didn't find it racist, actually found it to be damn funny. Yeah Mexicans and illnesses are nothing to be laughed at, but come on man, its a humorous video. Hell adultswim has more racist and fucked up things than this and I don't hear anyone getting their panties in a twist.

excellent, hilarious, everyone below me must not be able to read A'sC because he meant this as a joke, purely a joke.

Pig-Fuckas! :D

It was funny, but i gave it 6 stars cuz of my brother...hes fine but my mom lost quite a bit of money on Lysol... bad jokes tho.

As a Mexican American



Can I suggest that you undergo a visit from a good psychiatrist?

And anyway, your video will also be fun and well animated, but the contents are highly racially motivated, so I'm sorry but I can not help but just give you 6 stars, because at least the video is done well. Too bad for the contents :\