Reviews for "Reset (Instrumental)"

Why did people give this a 3.92? I thought it was 4.2something the other day. Perhaps either someone doesn't like Buoy (whose works seem to have been blamed recently), or there's a group running amok blaming everything that isn't dubstep/techno/dance/dnb. Who knows.

I would give this 4.10 out of 5 at minimum. 4.20 if I'm generous. I mean, there's nothing particularly wrong with this piece. My only (and minor) complaint is that it doesn't seem to have it's own artistic sound. There's nothing here that I can genuinely say belongs to this or that artist. I don't think there's anything wrong with that; not only do other songs without a unique artistic sound get 4.whatever on a regular basis, but sometimes those songs are actually good.

(Ok, maybe the electric guitar was a bit much, but I've seen it work in other similar songs)

Overall, a good song. Not amazing, but good.

P.S. I did vote a 5 on it to try and offset the 3.92.

Shanath responds:

Score seems to have evened out since this review, though I did notice quite a bit of zero-bombs during the time this song was first uploaded. Either way thanks for the review and for trying to help with the score. It's very much appreciated.

while I really liked the vocals in the other piece, i have to agree that this is better. Don't get me wrong, the vocals in the other version were great, but this sounds more.....epic. The vocals make it sound more serene.

Shanath responds:

Haha, both versions are pretty awesome with their respective differences. :] I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to leave a review as well!

Definitely the superior version. There is some fantastic detail both composition- and sound-wise in this song, and it really shines here unlike in the other one where they are drowned out entirely by a (imo) mediocre vocal track.

Shanath responds:

I'd say both versions do their job nicely. It's more of an acquired taste depending if you like vocals or just full on instrumentals. The feelings both tracks give off are also a little different so they could be considered two different songs altogether.

Thanks for the review! And of course for providing your guitar skills to this project. :3

hmm. I liked this version a lot better. I guess I'm not that much of a fan for vocals!

your voice was amazing either way.

I never actually bothered to go through the audio shizz that came with okami. Starting to think I should have... anyway, nicely done.

Shanath responds:

Do it! ;o Okami's got really pretty songs.