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Reviews for "Planetoid - Chapter 3"


the begining was about to long should of got straight to the robot bit. I was in tears at the bird bit! You really hit something!

Fate responds:

Thanks. Originally there was a third song, which made it all more balanced, but I had to cut it last week. :/
Sorry about the tears.
you should watch the first two, if you really enjoyed it.


Okay I'm gunna be completely honest here, you really went crazy with that blur effect. At first it was fine but after seeing it what felt like 20 times I was no longer impressed. What seemed like the opening sequence seemed much longer then the actual "meat" of the episode.

I see there was a lot of effort put into this but you should not rely so much on effects. Good old fashioned animation is what is going to make your submissions better.

Fate responds:

Yeah. Thanks a bunch.
good old fashion animation is what was the 'meat' of the animation. and the intro was exactly that. an intro. it was long because the song was long, while establishing something for those who've followed the story. I didn't set out to impress you with blur filters.

poor bird... it was the best character

no offence meant, I jut love birds, don't take it personal. Anyway, very good.. suggestions. 1)the beggining wa a bit slow, the "blurry" parts took to long to display the images. limit the number of times these are used. 2) hmmm don't let the birdie die :( Made me wanna give it a low score, but the animatin is still too good to fail. Keep animating.

Fate responds:

Well, it was done purposefully to spark emotion, which I hope it has done.
there won't be anything of the like in the fourth one.
Thanks for the review (and the ten)

Twas alright, just some polish needed.

You've done quite well merging events with music, the whole sequence flowed pretty well. I, however, found it rather hard to follow what was going on sometimes thanks to the blur filter. Try and limit using the blur filter to point where it's actually logical and appropriate to use (for example, when an object enters the scene, blur the background but ALSO unblur the object so focus is brought to it).

Additionally, I didn't really know what was going on but perhaps viewing the rest of your series would help. I dunno, maybe flesh out you story more so everyone can enjoy it even if they haven't seen the rest of the series?

Other than that, pretty good work. With some practice you'll be on the way to making some really superb stuff.

Fate responds:

Yeah, the opening was a bit extensive in the blurring, but that was the style I felt it needed.
Thanks for the review.


The introduction, before the robot crashed, seemed stretched and too long for me, but it wasn't a major problem at all. Overall... fantastic animation.

Fate responds:

The song went for so long, I needed to fill it. *shrugs*
otherwise it sounded awkward cutting out.
Thanks for the ten :)
Very glad you liked it.