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Reviews for "Planetoid - Chapter 3"

loved it

you've yet to amaze me. i like the way you frame by frame your work.

Fate responds:

'you've yet to amaze me'?
is that...what you meant to say, judging by the ten?
thanks for the review....I think.


It was good but animation needed work

I Liked it

Had a long begining and used the blur effect alot but original and great animation

Omg, dialogues!

I think that, for a serie like this one, with 0 dialogues until now... it would have been fair to add subtitles. The first time I watched the video, the dialogues were unexpected and I didn't understand pretty much. I'm not complaining, I just think this may be usefull to you.

Fate responds:

Oh...that's a good idea.

I loved this one o.o

This is my favorite one of the three. I liked the intro a lot because it helps to express the emotion in the story and set the mood. I felt the opening intro was what made this chapter important if you relaxed to take it in. I really liked this one and can't wait for the next! Good work with the animation and delivering a very touching story! ^^ I'm favoriting this one :)


Fate responds:

And, again, the fourth one will be set in a totally different style. :O