Reviews for "The Paper Prince"


You've shown me this flash from the very conception of it to the draft to the final product. It's truly an epic work that I can only dream of achieving at this point in my life. Wordless entertainment is hard to pull off, but you've done it quite well. I applaud you ernest. I applaud you.

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

WELL it was quite the epic journey for me making this epic product. Like, really, two months of my life were just gone to make this. Aha. The going was tough but it really has been worth it. Really. I have to thank you guys for the support to.. I remember I posted about maybe giving up with a week left to go and you guys helped me through that. Ahaha.

Love it, though he has skill

The man has skill And whats up with the guys going on about mexicans? I didn't see any referance to Mexicans taking any sort of job.
Love the Animation, Can't wait for the next one!


Your movie had a very good storyline and animation, the way you draw things just got my attention. The title is not exactly very "apropriate", because the only part I saw him as "The Paper Prince" was during his dream.

Is also very good because you want to know what happens next, like when he got the photo and I read what was written I was quite shocked. I really would like to know what happens next. So the best idea is put this on the contest and work on a part 2 for next contest.

I hope my revview was useful and helped you a bit.

Cheers Lino Crelier.

Something totally new

This was innovative inspiring and funny.
I loved the animation.
And the plot.
You did a really great job on this.

almost perfect

1 suggestion is to make sure people know what there looking at, what i mean is when he has the daydream then make the fillings and shapes better... it took me about 30 seconds to realize what i was looking at.

everything else is good.