Reviews for "The Paper Prince"

This is really good

What inspired you to make this?

I wouldnt normally give a critique for something like this but because you asked I will.

1,It might have been me but i didnt understand that sought of dream world he went into, or the point of it could u clarify that.

2,The giant head that was in that dream was kind of see through (I could see the background through it)that just annoyed me.

I dont know why but the whole thing made me kinda of sad for the poor guys mundane boring situation, but if u can create a movie that inspires emotion then its definatly a good thing



ernest-aka-gooey responds:

What inspired me? Well when the idea hit me was when I was sitting in class, very frustrated with all the busy work we were getting. That was where I got the main concept. I was frustrated with what I HAD to do and wanted to do what I wanted to do...

Oh ok. Well the point of the dream was to show how passionate he is about Origami... it gives you some insight into his character. Plus, I find, it's funnier then the other scenes. It was just him day dreaming at his job.

And I am quite glad you mentioned that because that is something I can easily change! I, myself, wasn't sure if I should have kept the dream sequence like that; half coloured. But people said I should. But I guess it WOULD be a good idea to colour it a bit more.



Awesome Animation!!! I hope you make more!

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

I'm sure I will make more, but maybe not more based off this character.
I DO have two other animations submitted here if you want to check them out... ehehe

Loved it.

Man I really do feel sorry for him though.

Well I guess what made me lol was when he sent his paper army to get those rock moster things, and then it hit me. After they fought.

(Paper Covers Rock!!!)

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

Heheh thanks man. I'm very glad that you are at least somewhat emotionally attached to the character! It means I've done something right.
Also good that you found the dream sequence funny 'cause that's where I like, I guess tried to put the most humour in