Reviews for "The Paper Prince"


great animation, loved that he was "the weird guy" guy at work knid of looks things from their point of view it has great meaning



an epiloge its great idea

if you changue the storyline, may can do an error. its better if you complement the story whit a musical epilogue between credits and images or shorts.

like when he doing origamis in the school, or another fun situations that happens in the office.

something like that, but not change the story

Great animation.

I like it. Its pretty good. I wish I could see what happened in the end though. Epilogue maybe?

almost perfect

1 suggestion is to make sure people know what there looking at, what i mean is when he has the daydream then make the fillings and shapes better... it took me about 30 seconds to realize what i was looking at.

everything else is good.