Reviews for "The Paper Prince"


A great story line
Loved the part where the old man traded origami for money

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

I always like hearing it's the story that people like 'cause story is more important to me then the animation... so it's just good to hear


That was cool and had an interesting storyline

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

Glad you liked it.


First i was like what the hell.. but as the flash went on i was like NICE... great flash mate!

Great work!

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

Ahaha nice reaction. Glaaaad you liked it

Can't believe it

I can't believe this got only 2nd daily. I watched some other recent flashes and this one was the only one that kept me entertained. This one deserved 1st hands down, and it deserves more 10s on reviews than I see happening. It was definitely above the competition. I guess the 13 year olds that populate this site just don't like anything that isn't a 30 second song about a sandwich riding a bicycle...

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

Ahahah I have not yet checked out the Daily 1st for today but I intend to.
Frankly I'm surprised that you phrased what you said that way you did "that kept me entertained" 'cause ya, not only Newgrounders have suggested that it is slow.
And hey.. for now.. I am just pumped that this got front page! Like, I need all the suggestions I can get
Thanks for the review man

it was good...

it was ok but it was kinda borin..

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

Yar peoples have said it's kinda slow.
Something to think about for the next thing I make