Reviews for "The Paper Prince"



Love it, though he has skill

The man has skill And whats up with the guys going on about mexicans? I didn't see any referance to Mexicans taking any sort of job.
Love the Animation, Can't wait for the next one!

real nice job!

The little grunts were a good medium for comm.
Story was nice, Animation was nice...
And he can make that dolphin that fast! That. Is. Skill.
And ignore the idiot below me. He either takes things too seriously and misinterpreted your flash, or is one of those asses who post comments for no reason.
Keep it up. Hope it gets accepted to the festival. :)

I love the message of this flash

That money isn't everything, and that you should always follow your dreams.
Nice work!


I kinda like how you made the dream sequence look abstract, and made it (mostly) clear that it was meant to be that way. Well done overall, could use a little bit of polishing though.