Reviews for "SHIFT 4"

great and challenging

I liked it a lot was tricky at times, but not to tricky where it was impossible. Great Job!


great game man it was a good game
i just need to find a way to get my medals workn D=

o well but funny ending lol

really fun

kep me occupied for abit and was quite fun

Absolutely excelent work as always

Brillent concepts, great puzzles fun humour.

Id have to second what others have said though; The medel linking dosnt seem to work. I got Foreclosure and Whoops in-game, but they arnt showing up out of game.
Also, Id have liked more use of different gravity levels...purhapes triggers in the level to alter it?
Either way, great, look forward to Shift5.

another great series

the SHIFT series is a multi-dementional masterpice