Reviews for "SHIFT 4"


Its a great game. I liked feeling rushed the whole time, with the time limit, and the whole controlling more then one person and going back to old levels was cool.

And to BiohazardMan... You yourself pointed out a flaw, yet call it perfect in the same sentence? Wierd.

Just Shifting Around

This Game is Alot of fun and really challenging. Great music and Simple Graphics make this game very enjoyable with great game play.

The only thing that bugs me about this game is that I have never played any of the previous games and thus dont already know the controls which are never explain in this game nore is the general Idea behind that game. I guess it is highly advised to play the previous games first so you understand whats going on and how to fully play the game.

The other really cool thing i enjoyed is how some of the new controlls where explained with out actually being explained when you got that far in the game.

Overall i enjoyed playing it but it would just be helpful to have a quick run down of the controls and game objective for those that havnt played befor, or state that these games sould be played from the beggining one.


They do keep getting better, don't they? My only suggestion is to not have the Shift-ed program ERASE your level if you don't have an exit.

Great game, but your medals are broken

I reached 8/10 ingame-medals, but neither "whoops" nor "woots" appear under my newgrounds-medals.

Apart from that minor issue, it's just as great as the previous ones.
I was actually surprised that the timer for "woots" was NOT faked like... all the timers you ever insert into shift games.


Wish the BADGES would be FIXED, then I can give you the extra point. otherwise, EXCELLENT!!!