Reviews for "SHIFT 4"

as always fun

it is pretty good, but i occasionally hit a glitch that made one of the players dissappear and i cannot continue without starting that part again, but other then that great game,(p.s i tried pressing r but when i restarted it put my right back into the bug again)

Great as always!

You managed to make an already difficult concept even harder with the multiple characters and buttons. Two things though. I might just be used to the style, but this game seemed lacking from the others. The puzzles just seemed to take less time to figure out. The second thing is that there seemed to be less tricks in this one then the others. There was still the trick timer, but I don't think it was enough. But it's still an amazing game.


I like. its grate for killin time and quite amusing i


but fun

Geuss it's good...

It's a nice game but.. I beat the game and i didn't got my medals.. That sucks.