Reviews for "SHIFT 4"


This was a pretty good and challenging Shift game, and how you added the whole family to help you on your escape made it better, at the cost of simplicity.
This one actually made me took my time, not like the other 3 where you can speed run them in 5 minutes.
There were two problems for me however:
1.- There are lots of keys, and is kinda hard to remember what they do, forcing you to restart the levels.
2.- There are no jokes, or little of them! =( The other Shift games had in-game jokes that made you laugh sometimes or kept you interested in looking for them.

Overall, this game is simple how it is supposed to be, with good music, a... predictable ending, except for the universe exploding, and I CAN NAO GET DA TROFI! I give you 10/10 anyways because this is a Shift game, so my review was pointless. =D

u got a bug

First off, the style is not as nice as the first three. The lines are all rough, but on top of it, the rotation for the gravity change is just a jump, then on top of it, but the big problem is the music, I pause the game to turn the music off, only to have it come back on, repeatedly.

*Brutally blades to death bladebrutal*

Mhmm, no. No no no no... We can't have people like this talking smack on Shift games. Shift is innovative, simply-but-deliciously animated, and challenging. Hella-the-freakin'-challenging. You're complaining about rough walls or the music? I say "Meh" unto you, because that is merely an opinion. Not worth more than a minor upset in the points assigned. It isn't fair to review unfairly. It's MY opinion that the game is good, the game is gold, and the game is living up to it's kick-ass standards. You don't like that assessment? Write a review with at least as much thought as I'm putting in mine. Now, granted, Shift sort of rides close to the same features because they're the POINT of the game, so I like that a few extra features have been added to spice things up. I haven't even gotten very far and I'm enjoying myself. And that, in fact, is all that really counts.

Best SHIFT so far

Very challenging, but a it felt a little short. Nevertheless 5/5 10/10


Egoraptor's a better singer than I thought...