Reviews for "SHIFT 4"

I agree with Godliest

The same thing happened to me. I got most of the medals in the game, but none have shoed up on Newgrounds. Not a big enough complaint to dock you points. This is an excellent series and I hope to see more.

I finally won!

I got everything! Yay! Best one so far. SHIFT 5? :)

Absolutely excelent work as always

Brillent concepts, great puzzles fun humour.

Id have to second what others have said though; The medel linking dosnt seem to work. I got Foreclosure and Whoops in-game, but they arnt showing up out of game.
Also, Id have liked more use of different gravity levels...purhapes triggers in the level to alter it?
Either way, great, look forward to Shift5.

Good grief this is so awesomely hard

You have made an amazing addition to this series once again. This one takes the level of thought involved to a totally new level

Excellent series

The games have always been entertaining, this one not being any exception. Very story driven, with the twist endings as always. The co-op family feature was awesome. Great work. Forever and always, The CC is a lie. :D

P.S- I got all the medals in this game, but wasn't awarded any from Newgrounds.