Reviews for "SHIFT 4"

Love it!

Can't speak most play lol

I agree with Godliest

The same thing happened to me. I got most of the medals in the game, but none have shoed up on Newgrounds. Not a big enough complaint to dock you points. This is an excellent series and I hope to see more.

I finally won!

I got everything! Yay! Best one so far. SHIFT 5? :)

Good grief this is so awesomely hard

You have made an amazing addition to this series once again. This one takes the level of thought involved to a totally new level

Excellent series

The games have always been entertaining, this one not being any exception. Very story driven, with the twist endings as always. The co-op family feature was awesome. Great work. Forever and always, The CC is a lie. :D

P.S- I got all the medals in this game, but wasn't awarded any from Newgrounds.