Reviews for "SHIFT 4"


i really enjoyed it...i think it was a great idea.


I love the entire shift series, and I think the controlling more than one person is brilliant. I also like the medals system, and I found myself just sitting there for 10 minutes just to see if I could get a medal. Very addictive game, keep 'em coming!

oh noes!

another one? :0 oh well i like it

Yes I agree with both people below me.

Fix the bug NOW! I really wanna finish this! SOOOOO Much fun. Im gunna give u a tenn even though i never made it past level 6 but im just gunna assume it was awesome.

Nice game.

I love games that make you think and are fun as well. Aside from the medals not working, I don't have any problems with this game. It's worth the play.