Reviews for "SHIFT 4"

I loved it from the beginning

Seriously, since I saw the beginnning with the Lost Parody logo, I was hooked. This game is awesome and definitely the best in the series. Honestly though, I don't want to see any more after this simply because I don't want them ruined for me.

Excellent work

Just as with the last games, they have been quite well done and have decently vexing puzzles. Only one bug that I would report being that for some reason, the medals I have earned are not showing up as earned on NG.

And still going strong.

I haven't quite finished the game yet (on chapter 3) but i have to say, how you keep this series freash is beyond me. Everytime a new one comes out it is pure gold. Great job explaining how to esc with your mother. I thought that was a nice touch. Please keep up the amazing work.

is the best game ever

IT THE BEST GAME ON EARTH 10/10 5/5 IF THE 5 WAS 10 I GIVE YOU 10/10 10/10

Great game

excellent concept and very challenging to the mind... I like the new twist of controlling others. I hope you make a fifth!

P.S. other guys... the medals dont work yet cos the file hasnt been updated... JHC read the Authors Comments!!!!!