Reviews for "SHIFT 4"


I can't seem to get any of the medals even though I beat the game and got the trophy. Other than that, it's a great addition to the series and a great game. 10/10.


This is not usually my type of game, but I liked it. It is pretty original, but after 4 of those games, which are all the same, this gets pretty boring after a while. But that was enjoyable and I will play for the medals. However, this was for sure the best shift... so you made my day.


i give it a 100/10

I didn't even know there was a Shift 3!

You guys gotta slow down!
This was some nice work, I'm still not bored with Shift.
I can remember when the first Shift was on Frontpage.

Now thats EPIC SHIFT!

That was great! I love the way you keep coming up with new stuff not many games can last this many sequels and i sure do hope this isn't the last for this part for this serie.

I had these ideas for maybe the next part:
An extra character that would shift sideways instead of upsidedown.
Gravity switches that effect the whole group instead of just the character that pushes it.
Objects that shift with you so they can be twice as annoying. (or maybe form a path for another character.
Switches that will turn back to their original state after a few seconds.
(if i think of more i let you know if you want.)

I hope you can use some of this and if you do i dont mind getting a small credit somewhere in the game. =P

Anyway thanks for the great game!