Reviews for "SHIFT 4"

glitched up the wazoo

My ability to shift stopped working on room 6 so I lost.

What the glitch?

Good music and i can tell there have been some improvements since the last installment, however I can't finish the game if i keep getting glitched in the 7th room! Fix this soon so I can enjoy the full game! >:[


f***in Game made.

Very addicting, but like many profeshional games, it draws you, in more, and more
And overall is a very well planned out, well made, well scripted game.


just one problem.. how do you switch players? CTRL doesnt work..


I love shift but...

I keep getting glitched where I cant move my dude but he's still runnning on my screen. I played this one before but i think because of the new layout for newgrounds it messes up this game.

Yes I agree with both people below me.

Fix the bug NOW! I really wanna finish this! SOOOOO Much fun. Im gunna give u a tenn even though i never made it past level 6 but im just gunna assume it was awesome.