Reviews for "SHIFT 4"

Bug in ROOM 6/7

Some of the "Switch buttons" Wont work, if you are standing on them your character will freeze and can't move anywere..


Too many bugs. 1. can't move after hitting an arrow thing so you cant more while falling and if you hit one that is on the ground you become permanently there.
2. Jump and shift into ceiling: crashes the game.
3. sometimes laggy making for inconsistent controls.
The first shift was fun but none of the sequels have been able to get it right.


Sorry, I really liked the previous installments of this game but the controls in this version are messed up. The player can't move left / right after landing / shifting for a while & you see yourself running on the spot or falling straight downward. This makes areas of levels unreachable. Frustration ++
Firefox 3.0.10 - Mac PPC - OSX 10.5

Lucky for me...

... I played this on the producer's site, so I got to play it in all its glory.
I was ACTUALLY able to get all the achievements (a first for me in this series).
I LOVED the song after the real end; maybe release an MP3 of it?
But yeah, while playing here I DID get that glitch in room 7, the first rescue room, where after Shifting and switching gravity you get stuck.


I've completed the game up yo the seventh door, where after I phase through the floor I get caught and can no longer move. This glitch(which i'm sure you've herd before) is preventing me from experiencing the rest of the game. My score is based on your previous games and what i've played so far in this latest installment. Please fix the glitch soon.