Reviews for "SHIFT 4"

always fun but glitchy

I cant get past the first chapter because i always get stuck


I get stuck in the arrow in room 7...lame, but it's funny when I typed in "f*** your" and it killed me. It's just "R" by the way, but still lame.


Nice, but when I press shift sometimes, the hero, stops, without doing nothing and whatever I press, nothing happens:(

annoying problem

some times when i shift, my character gets stuck, cant move, shift or jump
please fix this, 'cause it ruins another good game

Too Glitchy

I got through the first chapter fine, room 7 is doable, however, I'm currently in room 12, when I flip one of the 2 grav change switches in the top right, I get stuck. I can't shift, swap characters or move. I can only kill myself and hope that the next time works. A good game that has potential, but get it fixed please.