Reviews for "SHIFT 4"

too many glitches

good gameplay and level designs, but i havent been able to get past the first level because I always get stuck in one room or another and am forced to restart. fix the glitches please (room 7 and 4 in particular)


Edit i cannot preveiw my level and it disappears.fix it!

bug in room 7!


there's a bug in room 7 that stops me from continuing.
I get to the top of the screen, there's a vertical shifter, and it shifts and I'm stuck.

sad, i liked the pace so far.

Glitch/Impossible Level?

I have found a problem with room 18: the only things you can do when entering from room 17 are shift into a useless box, and jump, which gets stuck and cant go across. this could just be a glitch for me, but now ay time i jump at a gravity switcher, it switches the gravity and then forces me to fall straight down, and then on contact i can't move for another second. please investigate this and fix it a soon as possible, since I really would like to continue playing this game!

always fun but glitchy

I cant get past the first chapter because i always get stuck