Reviews for "SHIFT 4"


nice but a bit too hard for me. =_=;

Great Game!

I loved it. I played all the previous titles yesterday over in preparation for this one. Glad you fixed the glitch. The endings were pretty nifty too.

I got all the medals but they haven't recorded yet. Maybe it's just me...

Awesome but..

the controls were evil. it'd be awesome if you switched the jump control with the open door control. I found myself frustrated at times because i keep pressing up to jump. Please have an ingame setting to change the controls. ^^


Fun but very complicated. Gave me a head ache


Great game! Easy controls, consistent gameplay, nice progression of difficulty as well. I didn't notice any glitches on any level, 4 and 7 in particular. And someone raised the point of not enough plot... I thought that was a pro when it came to flash games? Stop being stingy and shell out the dough for a feature lenght game... or a book for that matter. Great job mate, keep it up!