Reviews for "SHIFT 4"

I didn't really like it.

The game is good and all, but please, just insert some instructions. Maybe even a way to configure the controls. A guide would be nice too. I didn't know if I was going the right way or not half the time. Are you supposed to jump shift as well or what? Basically, the game lacks too much for some people who decide to play this game.

this game made me level five

off to the favorites you go lil friend

A great sequel...

I was never a big fan on the SHIFT series, but it's a good game, and deserves a good review.


omg how do u shift ur guy its not the shift button cuz im doin that and i aint working uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (!-!)

Jeah, it's Shifting Time!

The Game is awesome, but its harder than the old ones.