Reviews for "SHIFT 4"

could be cool

This game could be really cool but the intro was way to long for me to keep interested in it so I started playing it and had no clue what the goal or poin to this game was. Interesting concept though.


A very good game. I have played all 4 SHIFTs and enjoyed every one. I'ts another one of those addictive puzzlers. Another thing......I got the trophy, endured Ego's terrible singing, and got the IN GAME medal "Woots," but not the NG medal. Oh, and can anyone tell me how to beat the snake pit in shift 2? lol


Its so freakin awesome but impossible lolz

Geuss it's good...

It's a nice game but.. I beat the game and i didn't got my medals.. That sucks.

when is shift 5 coming out

i can't wait