Reviews for "Pirate Defense"

Love the song

Very creative song, "Linkage" was very clever. Added more strategy in the game than most defense games out there.

Now that I'm done playing, I have a World of Warcraft raid to attend to before my mom calls me to bed ;P


This game is so awesome XD

I've played a bunch of defense games and this one is both unique and funny!

Just one thing, I played sandbox mode, and i created a barrel fence and left one spot open, beneath the boxes i had beehives, And the pirates kept walking back and forth not going to that one open space until i took away my beehives and opened up one more space in my box fence XD....

Other then that it's a really fun game! the Song is so damn funny! Hell even the menu is funny! XDDD

Thanks for the fun game x3

Want that song

where can i download this song? q.q

I could say that the game was perfect...


I won, I won, at Pirate Defense!!

Excellent all-round. Took me quite a while to beat 101 waves! Anyway, it would have been better with a more in-depth linkage system, so I would have given it a 9...but that song was just too sweet.