Reviews for "Pirate Defense"

Very original!

WOW! Just WOW! This tower defense game really surprised me.

It has some very unique features that are really fun. The trap approach, with the ability to push the enemies on traps opens up a huge amount of different ways to stop those damned pirates from reaching the other side of the field.

There's an overall feeling of fun playing this game.

Two minor things i liked a lot:

- The animations showing how a trap works when you get the pointer over it on the menu, i didn't see anything like that in any other tower defense ( maybe i just missed it... ) and i found it very useful

- The pirate defense song!! I LOVE those kind of things! :P

So, good job!

And to everyone who reads this review, try the game, it's totally worth it :D


Dude you have put some work in to this but me personally i couldnt be bothered laying switches For traps it reminds me of the Evil Genius Game

Very good game...

Did you by any chance get the trap system idea off the PC game Evil Genius? If so, good on you =]

A great twist on defense games, which makes it a lot more interesting, and requires a lot of concentration.

celebration song

the celebration song is awesome

I found a way to cheat

just place crates where the pirates exit and they will be trapped forever!!