Reviews for "Pirate Defense"

Great game!

I played this recently on another site, and I have to say, this is great! The only thing I would add is maybe make more, different modes. Not challenging. Like, a mode wear all the pirates wear bunny outfits or the pirates are mice and the traps are like... mouse traps. Maybe make them unlockables. Just saying. Great game, though, can't wait for Bubble Tanks 3!

All sorts of fun!!

It was a little hard to start playing at 1st but once I got a handle of it I had a lot of fun setting up combos!! Got to love the extras like that song!!

haha, Great

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I found the controls intuitive and easy to learn (a good thing on newgrounds LOL!!!) and I had a Blast played It. Thanks

soon this will get front page...

i already played this like a week ago on kongregate but i hope there will be medals for it... probably the best defence game ever... love the traps especially if you put them in a continuous loop being flung around the map...

Endgame needs tweaking

So I'm playing right now on the "medium" difficulty. I've killed off most of the pirates, but now there are a few that are refusing to even try to attack, and are just huddled at the bottom of the screen out of range of all my turrets. They will pop up from time to time, but they have just been hiding out down there for over ten minutes now. I sold what I could and put some spear towers down there, but now they just burrow and seem to be interested only in drawing things out forever.

There needs to be a "fast-forward" button and/or a feature where you win if you have more lives remaining then there are pirates left on screen. I've still got the game going on popup in the background, so we'll see if I ever manage to kill off the last few pirates.

HeroInteractive responds:

Lol, I've never heard of that one. I think you could mark that under the "bug" category, they shouldn't be huddling down there. If they are digging, then it means they feel blocked in and can't find an exit.