Reviews for "Pirate Defense"

Very original!

WOW! Just WOW! This tower defense game really surprised me.

It has some very unique features that are really fun. The trap approach, with the ability to push the enemies on traps opens up a huge amount of different ways to stop those damned pirates from reaching the other side of the field.

There's an overall feeling of fun playing this game.

Two minor things i liked a lot:

- The animations showing how a trap works when you get the pointer over it on the menu, i didn't see anything like that in any other tower defense ( maybe i just missed it... ) and i found it very useful

- The pirate defense song!! I LOVE those kind of things! :P

So, good job!

And to everyone who reads this review, try the game, it's totally worth it :D

very enjoyable

I really enjoyed this game, you were actually able to do something different with it which is very hard to do with these defense games, so major props to you, sir. ^_^

great tower defense game!

i realy like this game, very entertaining fun game with original idea, especialy for combos idea. i just think you need more challenge level, so players can explore your game.


This game has a bit of a learning curve ... but once you get the hang of it, is completely awesome. It reminded me of a game called "The Incredible Machine" mixed together w/ tower defense. Very cool idea.

Short of the directions that are already built into the game, one way you could get the point accost on how stuff works is by starting off w/ a pre-made level maybe ... one with pre-built traps. Just a thought.

HeroInteractive responds:

We already have that in the game. In the play screen where you select your game mode, just choose "Pre-Set".

Sweet but needs some staging.

This is totally sweet, but needs more of an introduction.

The ability to link traps was a great idea. It seems to combine a bit of the incredible machine and the standard defense game.

Why not a 10 out of 10:
It is possible that I'm just thick, but the learning curve is super steep. A regular tower defense game would start by using the cheap weapons with simple properties and progress after a cuple levels to the complex towers with complex properties. This seemed to have the works available from the get go and that made it very confusing. After some persistance (and a couple failures) I got into the swing of things, but the onset was not hard, just not as casual as I like my casual games to be.

How to make it a 10 out of 10:
I guess I would recommend a training gauntlet, where a few well placed traps "solve" the level (maybe 2 or three waves). Given a gradual pace that allows the player to learn and recognize when traps are or are not effective could help. This is all a moot point after the first while, but the learning c urve could have been a bit lazier for simple (read thick) people like myself.