Reviews for "Pirate Defense"


I loved the trap idea, it was fun trying to make combos for it, nifty as nuts

Love the song

Very creative song, "Linkage" was very clever. Added more strategy in the game than most defense games out there.

Now that I'm done playing, I have a World of Warcraft raid to attend to before my mom calls me to bed ;P

very, very well done

the linkage method is very accessable, even feels like you're designing a real game level
the potential for doom bringing is endless, but as it was said before, it would be nice to have a longer version, survival mode maybe?
the upgrades were very well thought out, and hearing the pirates comment on each type was disturbingly enjoyable :)


Ya, the game is good. The only thing I dislike is the limited waves. You want to set up some awesome trap chain when suddenly END GAME, even in continious mode. Please fix this. The game is awesome in the rest./

HeroInteractive responds:

The 101 gives you the most waves to play around with, I'd recommend giving that a try.


I love the combos that you can do, plus the song is just brilliant!