Reviews for "Pirate Defense"


This game is so awesome XD

I've played a bunch of defense games and this one is both unique and funny!

Just one thing, I played sandbox mode, and i created a barrel fence and left one spot open, beneath the boxes i had beehives, And the pirates kept walking back and forth not going to that one open space until i took away my beehives and opened up one more space in my box fence XD....

Other then that it's a really fun game! the Song is so damn funny! Hell even the menu is funny! XDDD

Thanks for the fun game x3

fun and puzzling!

this is a good strategic game that i beat on my first try using a good strategy i wish there was more to this short game!

Best defence game ever

If it was just the song I would give this a ten but you include an awesome defence game too! The idea of traps is amazing and incredibly fun! When I played this game I immediately thought of swiss family robinson. I loved that movie as a kid. I managed to beat the game on hard mode with 16 lives left and I had fun the whole time. I love the combo bonuses too, they make the game THAT much better. Many modes to choose from, especially when you play it on armor games. BEST-DEFENCE-GAME-EVER-PERIOD!


You totally need to hook me up with that Song man. No joke, I loved it

Whoa, newgrounds changed.

Hard game btw :(

HeroInteractive responds:

You should take the time to learn to play the game. There are tutorials, sample levels, videos and more. I have a feeling you saw the new newgrounds layout and immediately left a review.