Reviews for "Pirate Defense"

Pretty good

I really liked this game, and the idea of using a trap-and-trigger system is really interesting. The only thing I think I didn't like is that some of the upgrades you can buy have extremely high prices that don't seem to match up with their usefulness (e.g. tar, hot coals). The occasional pirate also seems to be a little too good at weaving between your triggers. But it's still a pretty solid game and a cool idea.

meh gg

9/10 cause its a gg but its kinda weird and kinda cool and thats really all i can say


LOL pirate song is fucking amazingly hillariouse lol

good, but

easiest game ever u_U


Great version of TD, the traps added that awesome twist us gamers need. And THAT WAS THE BEST DONG EVER! XD