Reviews for "Pirate Defense"


i love defence games and this one is soo fun L:D (<--elvis thinks its fun too!)

i managed to design and build the most awesome trap where there is a pit trap and 3 pirate moving things knocking people into it from 3 different sides through beehives (later hot coals lol) ahhh never failed...

although the pirates sometimes walked back to whre they were hit from even though the exit is where they were hit TO. glitch? well dont fix it lol its funny to watch them being repetedly hit by the same thing into the same pit lol

heh, im gonna go back to try out the 100k mode(i read the authors comment after i played so i didnt know about it :P

Most original Tower game ever

Definitely. The traps are loads of fun. However, it is really hard. The random movements of you targets make it especially hard to decide where to put defenses. Maybe if the field was a little smaller...
Still, you get a 9/10 for the sheer uniqueness of the game.


This game is awesome the controls were very clear and the insturtions was clear to it it easy to understand the game and it is so fun i bet the game also the grapics were good the game was awesome the towers were good the game was hard until the diffculty was set to hard but still was fun and i like how u added some fun modes =] 10/10 5/5 =] it was awesome!!! so if u rate it lower because its hard maybe u READ THE INSTRUTIONS first or THE TURTORAL at the pause menu or do the 1st stage were it helps u so this game is the best game i had played i favorited this game.So please take care for your hard work on this game =]


Dude you have put some work in to this but me personally i couldnt be bothered laying switches For traps it reminds me of the Evil Genius Game


Really enjoyed it, it was a fun time and you got me with the pirate song I WON, I WON, AT PIRATE DEFENSE!!!